March 27 - April 2, 2017 | Fallen Oak | Biloxi, MS

Q: There's no fee to for the volunteer package?!
A: Historically, there has been a $60 fee to purchase the volunteer package for the MGRC--as with most professional golf tournaments. This year, there is no fee! You'll recieve: a uniform (golf shirt, hat), a complimentary round of golf at Grand Bear Golf Course or a Complimentary Buffet at Harrah's Gulf Coast (non transferrable), volunteer credential that allows grounds admission even on non-working days, an invitation to the volunteer party, Parking Pass, four complimentary tickets for friends during the tournament. 

Q: Will meals still be provided? 
A: Since there is no $60 fee for the volunteer package this year, meals will not be provided. There will be concession stands on site available for you to purchase your meals. Show your volunteer badge and you'll recieve a discount on concession prices as well! 

Q: What will be available at Volunteer Headquarters?

A: Don't worry! Complimentary Coca-Cola products, Coffee, and ice cream will still be available in Volunteer Headquarters for you to relax and take a break! 

Q: How many days do I have to volunteer and for how many hours?
A: We ask that you work three shifts over the course of the tournament, which range from 4“6 hours each.

Q: Is there a minimum age limit to volunteer?
A: Yes. The minimum age limit for volunteering is 16 years of age. Those between the ages of 12 and 17 can sign up as a Junior Volunteer using code JUNIOR2017.

Q: If I purchased tickets and then became a volunteer, can I refund my tickets?
A: No, unfortunately, all ticket sales are final.

Q: Can I watch golf when I am not working?
A: Yes, your volunteer badge will serve as your admission pass for the entire week and we encourage you to do so. We do ask that you not wear your uniform when not on duty, so please bring a change of clothes if you plan on being a spectator before or after your shift.

Q: Can I take photographs or ask for autographs?
A: When you are not working or in your volunteer uniform, you may use your camera during the Pro-Am days (Wednesday & Thursday). Cameras are not permitted on the grounds Friday-Sunday. You may ask for an autograph after the player's round. Please refrain from asking for autographs during a player's round.

Q: Where do I park?
A: For 2017 ALL parking is located on R R Bridge Creek Rd. Volunteers will recieve a Parking Pass. Please ensure to have your parking pass with you, otherwise parking is $5. See Parking Hang Tag for directions.

Q: Can I be scheduled (shift assignments) at the same time as my spouse, friend, etc.?
A: We will make every effort to accommodate your scheduling requests. Make sure to list your request in the œComments section on the registration form. Shift coordinating is only applicable within each committee (i.e. two people on different committees cannot be scheduled at the same times).

Q: How do I know my schedule? And when will I receive my schedule?
A: We ask you to help create your schedule by completing your availability during registration! This section of registration asks you to provide us your preferred days and times and will be used to create the master schedule for your committee. After committee assignments have been made your committee chairperson will assign your shifts for the week and notify you of your schedule.

Q: What happens if it rains?
A: The event will go on and we will need your help! Make sure to report to your committee's check-in location 30 minutes prior to your shift, rain or shine, unless you hear alternate instructions from your chairman.

Q: Where do I check-in once I arrive on-site?
A: All volunteers will be required to check-in with their chairman before each shift.  If you do not check in with your chairman, you will not receive credit for your shift. Please remember that you must work a minimum of three (3) shifts to be eligible for the Fallen Oak play days, Grand Bear Golf Voucher, and Harrah's Buffet Voucher.

Q: Where do I go to report to duty? 

A: Your volunteer chairperson will give you specifics on where to meet.